Residence in Syros III








200 m²


In Progress

Architects in charge: Sotiris Tsergas, Katja Margaritoglou
Associate architects: Francesca Balfoussia, Vasiliki Moustafatzi, Filippos Glibbery

Designed for a family of four, our third residential project in Syros aims to maximize the connection between the residence and the hillside. The elongated site provides a well-defined circulation from the central gate of the property all the way down to the guest houses. This journey allows for a strong narrative to be told by meticulously framed angles of view. Each successive space celebrates a different aspect of the house, through an interplay of over ground and underground rooms, narrow and wide thresholds, private and communal spaces.

After passing through the central gate, a long road through the open field leads to the staircase and a sudden descend into the heart of the house; the living room. It acts as a central hub for the network of rooms which are all connected to it. Each individual space has in turn direct access to the outside. The kitchen links to a small but public outside dining space that offers protection from the wind, ideal for a cozy family breakfast or a quick lunch with a guest. The children’s bedroom links to a semi-private garden, protected through abundant vegetation, which also frames the view of the Aegean. The master bedroom offers a small and private outside sitting space, appropriate for a couple. Finally, the living room opens up to the large patio and swimming pool, which seamlessly blend with the Aegean Sea, as if the pool and the sea are one. The space also acts as a boundary, an emotional catalyst between the main residence and the guest houses that sit underground on the level below. This relationship of elevated and submerged spaces follows the natural contours of the site and enhances the experience of the landscape, interfering as little as possible.

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