Residence in Mykonos I








300 m²



This reconstruction and renovation project in Mykonos is truly custom-made. The intense environment of the island reinforced the decision to calm the somewhat loud exterior and achieve uniformity. By working with variations in levels, we achieved a natural circulation and demarcation of spaces. The original design lacked some comfortable resting spots, so it became a priority to offer multiple such spaces, along with the ability to choose depending on weather, time of the day and the mood. The guesthouse by the sea was renovated and extended with a private pool and a breakfast area, designed to give the guests the ability to enjoy the beautiful island mornings in privacy. However, the Greek habit of gathering around a grand meal was fortified as a large barbecue area was installed, along with a spacious dining area inside the main house.

All the furniture and the carpet patterns were designed by Block722 Architects. The bedroom and bathroom textiles were also specifically and carefully selected for this project, made from organic linen and cotton. Greek craftsmen site-built the braided daybeds and the headboard for the master bedroom. The natural materials and earthy tones were contrasted with reflecting items made from glass and metal such as the giant lamps over the dining table. All the outdoor furniture was designed with the ability to resist the reckless weather on Mykonos, like the tables made from over a hundred year old dehydrated elm timber. A final touch, the rustic shading on the patio, offering shelter from the sun while also creating movement on the floor surface.

Photographer: Yiorgos Kordakis