Residence in Crete








180 m²


In Progress

Situated in the northern foothills of “Thripti” mountain close to Agios Nikolaos, this summer residence hosts one couple and their guests. The steep topography and the dramatic scenery of the plot dominates and defines the design process. The architecture is intertwined harmoniously with the dramatic landscape, giving the sense of masses merged into the cliff. The whole complex consists of the main residence and two guestrooms. A natural pathway planted with aromatic herbs, leads you through a gradual descending to the main entrance of the house.

The main house is clearly divided into two rectangular volumes connected through an intermediate space based on a water path. The sense of duality among “indoor-outdoor” is constant throughout the project. The layout of the rooms in the house, internal and external, create a complex and dynamic “private landscape” embraced by water immersed in nature. The austere and minimalist architectural approach, combined with the use of raw materials and custom creations, reveal an effortless journey – the simplicity of slow living.