City Living– Kifisia Project 12








Interior 365 m², exterior 280  m²



Block722 was called upon to re-imagine and complete the construction of an existing concrete shell in Athens in order to transform it into two design-led, duplex homes. The boutique, high end residential development occupies a narrow fronted, deep plot at the heart of Kifissia, a northern suburb that is famous for its leafy surrounds and urbane lifestyle.

The two units have been designed with great attention to detail, reflecting Block722’s signature approach, which blends natural materials, a sense of balance and refined luxury. One of the apartments occupies the raised and lower ground levels, spilling out into a long, landscaped rear garden. The second one sits on the two upper floors, expanding onto a roof terrace at the top and offering long views of the neighbourhood and the Athenian cityscape beyond. A garage is located on the lower front side of the property.

Working with the existing structure, the architects composed a geometric front and rear façade using a calculated grid of opaque and transparent sections, timber elements and textured, dark plaster. The timber structure cleverly doubles as veranda railings. The plastered surfaces were specially created by expert craftspeople to mirror the interior’s key colours and materials.

Inside, the palette includes travertine stone (for outdoor areas and bespoke fixtures, such as the rooftop’s jacuzzi); marble (for the front steps and bathroom sinks); and warm woods (for floors, cladding, window frames and cabinetry). Meticulously designed features such as the bathroom mirrors and sinks, were custom-made for the project. The front border fence is also bespoke, a robust metal construction that at the same time feels as tactile and malleable as wood.

Gardens on the front and rear of the property are matched by large verandas upstairs and the expansive roof garden at the top. The outdoors is brought inside through generous, floor-to-ceiling openings, while lighting design ensures even areas that are deeper within the floorplate, such as the kitchen, feel naturally lit.

Photographer: Vangelis Paterakis
Image editor: Maria Siorba

Architecture: BLOCK722
Interior and Styling: BLOCK722
Lighting &Landscape Design: MALO DEVELOPMENT

Construction Management: MALO DEVELOPMENT
Site Supervision: MALO DEVELOPMENT
Structural & MEP Engineering &Consultant: MALO DEVELOPMENT
Material-Wood, Marble, Special Wall Techniques, and constructions: MALO DEVELOPMENT

Paintings: Pantelis Chandris