‘B’ is a side table that plays with the idea of balance. Created as the juxtaposition of a monolithic and heavy base set against an extra fine top element, this is a piece that thrives through contrast. The table was designed by Block722 in Athens and was made locally by craftsperson Maan Halaoui, who bridges traditional techniques and modern construction methods. This marriage of tradition and modernity is evident in the product’s tactile nature, classic choice of material – solid oak – and dynamic shapes and treatment. The piece was dyed black, using a satin varnish – sitting in the realm between the absolute black that pure matte offers and the shimmering nature of a gloss style – so that it can ever so gently reflect the light. These reflections help to further define both the table’s own shapes and its relationship with its surroundings. Created for a private client, the side table features a cantilevered top can easily slide over a sofa or chaise longue, complementing the seating in an elegant and functional way.



The ‘C’ coffee table is a carefully crafted balance of juxtapositions: light and heavy, opaque and transparent, strong and delicate. Designed by Block722 in Athens and made locally by Maan Halaoui, a craftsperson who bridges traditional techniques and modern construction methods, this outdoors piece is a nod to Japanese furniture making. Its solid, robust legs are made using Japanese timber joints typically found in building construction. As a result, the frame is extremely durable, and no glue was required in its assembly. The extra clear glass top simply rests heavily and securely on the natural oil-treated, timber structure that combines chestnut and iroko wood. Each leg’s base is discreetly sealed using Shou Sugi Ban – an environmentally friendly, traditional Japanese charred wood technique for waterproofing and preservation. This highlights the product’s overall natural feel, which is a defining characteristic in this design. The timber frame is clearly visible through the transparent, almost ethereal, tabletop surface, putting the joinery craft on centre stage.



Conceived as a tribute to mid-century and Scandinavian design, the ‘D’ desk was created by Block722 for a private client in collaboration with Maan Halaoui, a Greece based craftsperson who bridges traditional techniques and modern construction methods. The piece references Nordic furniture and Modernist design traditions, at the same time bringing them to the 21st century through a contemporary approach to both design aesthetics and manufacturing. Built in American oak wood, which has been waxed and oiled to a warm, red-brown hue, this desk features extra fine, delicate legs upon which sits a similarly slim, functional top. The latter incorporates two near-invisible drawers. Subtle curves on the profile of both the legs’ and the top’s volumes add softness and dynamism to this sophisticated design. They also create the impression of gentle movement, as if the edges might expand outwards infinitely.





by Pantelis Chandris

“The art piece captures through its form, the unique morphology of the landscape in Kavousi, Crete. The piece presents not only what is visible, landscape as a geological configuration of the Earth’s crust but exposes the plasticity of a deeper, embedded memory of this particular place.”





by Pantelis Chandris

“Spring lilies poking through the concrete in a city project. Numerous layers of tissue paper are formed inside molds coming from plant calla lilies (tuberous, florescent plants) leaves. Pieces of single prints are molded, depicting the broader region through Google Earth and surfaces as it incorporates excerpts from a panoramic viewing of the ground.
The flat surface of a satellite map is thus reformed by the curvatures of the leaves, producing new topologies and identities extended.”




by Chrysa Georgiou

“Client’s personal story and heritage inspires textile artist in creating a unique art wall piece with beautifully composed earth tones from hand woven wool.”





by Pantelis Chandris

“Rich Cycladic earth and nature give rise to the creation of special art reliefs and sculptures inspired by the ethos of nature and man in harmony. The door as an open plants book warmly welcomes the visitor.”

“Driftwood and twisted trunks of thyme by strong Cycladic meltemi give birth to a series of sculpted door handles.”