Pediatrician's Office in Pagrati






Office Space


75 m²



Architects in charge: Sotiris Tsergas, Katja Margaritoglou

This small pediatric infirmary desperately needed a renovation of the reception and the waiting areas, the redesign of which led to a complete overhaul of the office. This was deemed paramount in order to achieve a proper unification of the different spaces into one, continuous and seamless flow. Hence, the three primary functions of the typology: the reception, waiting, and playing areas; share a common character and collaborate to create a fluid, relaxing, yet utterly functional space.

This was achieved by a careful consideration of the circulation within the space, the motion and shape of which was translated into partitions, surfaces and furniture. The traditional sitting furniture were replace with a multiform seat with large pillows, and every moveable piece of furniture was transformed into solid, fixed surfaces that blend in with the shape of the walls, ensuring an unobstructed movement between and within the different spaces.

The primary and very familiar shapes of a line and a circle decorate the walls, combined with pastel colors, in order to create a clearer distinction between levels and surfaces. Lastly, the countless stuffed animals that decorated the office before the renovation, inspired the placement of animal figures on the walls using vinyl prints. These were appropriately scaled to be oversized relative to the children’s size, overwhelming the office and creating a friendly, comfortable and enjoyable space.