Patiris Tiles Exhibition Space








42 m²



Architects in charge: Sotiris Tsergas, Katja Margaritoglou
Design team: Francesca Balfoussia, Vasiliki Moustafatzi
Photography: Alexandros Oikonomidis

The project was about an exhibition kiosk constructed at 100% Hotel Show in November 2015, aiming to display in the most highlighting way the new ceramic collection of the Greek company Patiris S.A. which trades bathroom tiles and sanitary ware.

The clients’ desire was to display a limited unique collection of ceramic tiles in a minimal background. As a result, the main intention was the creation of an inviting space, where the materials and textures had the leading role. The above prerequisites led to perceive the main display space as an evocative box volume in deconstruction process. The exhibition shell is interpreted to a box which is degraded and divided in four pieces, revealing the inner complexion of internal surfaces coated with the displayed materials.

The textures of the materials was the starting key to define the interior design of the space. The four corners which are formed by the deconstruction procedure, are transformed to a scenery of 4 craftsman labs inspired by the tiles selected: the artist’s, the carpenter’s, the iron worker’s and the marble technician’s lab.  Each one is coated and corresponding to the features of the specific texture.