Grigio II








387 m²



Design team: Katja Margaritoglou, Sotiris Tsergas, Konstantina Koligliati, Dora Felekou

Interior design: Katja Margaritoglou

The former Grigio store reopened in a new space. The ground floor of a multi – storey  building which will house grigio and the coexisting café formerly housed an internet café. The store is located in the center of Salonica, in the most crowded shopping street of the city.

The main design purpose is the creation of a multifunctional space that will offer a completely unique shopping experience. The boundaries of the inside and outside are constantly blurred with the presence of plants, swings, outdoor lighting and doors in the inside space. The store is characterized by the presence of green vegetation and natural light. For this reason a six meter glass facade is built that lets the view to the patio at the back of the building unhindered. An open green space is created at the back that houses the function of the cafe during the summer months.  The raised area of the café and the planted outdoor patio function as a window inside the store, allowing the ample vegetation and the natural light to dominate.

All elements inside the new grigio store are designed from scratch, using objects and images in unexpected ways. Doors become tables, wooden frames surround hangers, weathervanes navigate the view to the cafe. The walls, stripped of any old and unnecessary material are left bare and roughly painted white. All ventilation and heating pipes are unhidden, enhancing the industrial and raw look of the inside. The use of trompe-l’oeil prints on the walls and fitting room curtains creates unexpected views. A new type of indoor space is created – a passageway space from the street to the back where the shopping and socializing experiences are constantly intertwined.