Residence in the Peloponnese


Interior Architecture of Existing House








250 m²


In Progress

This residence in the Peloponnese was built, designed and decorated with the thought of providing all facilities desired for a large family. There is plenty of space for keeping each other company, as well as the possibility to withdraw into private nooks. Consideration has been taken to the beautiful greenery and the Mediterranean sea outside of the house in order to make a seamless blend of nature and design. The outside decoration has the same comfortable aura as the decoration inside of the house. This brings about a feeling of being inside your living room while actually being outside in the fresh air enjoying the view. Light is being flooded into the house, adding up to the warmth of the wooden furnitures. The materials and the colour scheme run consistently through the house. Tropical means where used as inspiration and led to a design were the down scaled and the comfortable have merged.